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Unique rider stories

Read what riders say about ITNLehighValley ride service.  You can become a member by completing an online or downloadable application.

Linda is a visually impaired rider who uses several transportation alternatives and relies on friends and her husband to take her places. Recently, her caseworker told her about ITNLehighValley.  Linda signed up for membership and was looking forward to riding with ITNLehighValley

On one occasion, Linda scheduled a ride for blood work. This happened to be the very first ride for a new volunteer driver, Donna. Linda and Donna chatted along the way and arrived safely at the blood lab. However, as Donna was pulling into the parking lot, another driver backed into Donna’s car. Donna remained calm, assisted Linda to the blood lab, and then took care of the fender bender. Linda said, “Donna made sure that I got to the blood lab. She thought of me first.”

When asked how ITNLehighValley compares to other transportation services, Linda said, “ITNLehighValley is available anytime, good for last minute rides, and is always accommodating to my schedule. I love to share stories with the ITN drivers who are always so gracious.”  Linda also commented that, “ITNLehighValley provides me with a sense of security and serenity knowing that someone will be there to pick you up. I am so happy ITNLehighValley is here.”

Written by ITNLehighValley

Joan and Fred go grocery shopping every Thursday, swim at an aquatic center, and sometimes attend evening political events. Since they no longer own a vehicle, Joan acted on a friend’s advice, who after reading a newspaper article about ITNLehighValley, encouraged Joan to consider joining. Joan and Fred did so and now enjoy the reliability and convenience of riding with ITNLehighValley. Joan described ITN’s service as “terrific” when comparing it to other transportation services in the Lehigh Valley, especially since service is offered after 6 p.m.

Joan’s rider story took place one Sunday evening when she and Fred took a ride with ITNLehighValley to a local notary office. Upon arrival Joan, who uses a walker, discovered the office was not handicap accessible. Bill, the volunteer driver, took the time to carefully assist her into the building. Once inside, Joan and Fred realized they had left an important paper at home. Bill made a special trip back to their home with Fred to retrieve the necessary document.  “ITNLehighValley's drivers are very helpful, and I enjoy talking with them,” said Joan. She and Fred are very happy with ITNLehighValley’s service and feel it is always a joy to ride with ITNLehighValley’s drivers

Written by ITNLehighValley

When James became legally blind, transportation turned out to be his biggest concern. He had been driving his whole life and never thought that one day he would lose his ability to drive. Knowing his need for transportation, James’ sister referred him to ITNLehighValley after she saw a short clip about ITNLehighValley on the local news.

His rider story occurred in the dead of winter. James had a critical eye care appointment two days after a major snowstorm. There was already 8-10 inches of snow on the ground the day of his appointment, and it was snowing again. Lois, the ITN driver, arrived early due to the weather and attempted to pull into the driveway not realizing quite how deep the snow was. Her car got stuck. James and Lois tried to shovel the car out of the snow but the car wouldn’t budge. Time was ticking, and they worried they would not be able to get to the appointment. Fortunately, a good Samaritan came to the rescue, pulled the car out of the snow bank, and James made it to his appointment. 

When James thinks of ITNLehighValley, the first thing that comes to his mind is “immediate help.” When asked to describe ITN’s service James replied, “ITNLehighValley is always courteous. The drivers come to the door and take good care of me.  I don’t know what I would have done without ITNLehighValley.  I would highly recommend ITNLehighValley’s service to anyone who needs transportation.”

Written by ITNLehighValley